Whilst much effort has been made to provide “natural” alternatives to HRT or even to find other pharmacological treatment to control some of the symptoms, it is clear that in the most part these do not provide an ideal solution to control the symptoms and problems of the menopause, and indeed can be associated with risks themselves.

Since this controversy started there has been considerably uncertainty and argument both amongst the medical community and patient focus groups that has not helped patients in being able to make an informed choice.

Indeed recent revaluations of these 2002 studies ( including by doctors involved in the original studies) have shown that the generalisations of the risks of starting HRT treatment in much older ladies have needlessly left millions of women around the age of the menopause to suffer the symptoms and side effects of the menopause.

Unfortunately due to conflicting and changing advice to patients and the medical profession many women have been unable to seek expert up to date advice from their family doctors who also struggle to interpret the conflicting literature.

It is clear from all the recent evidence in the literature that for most patients the benefits of HRT clearly outweigh the risks of treatment, and indeed the risks of treatment can be effected and reduced depending upon the type of HRT you take as well as the way that it is administered.

At Cheshire Reproductive Medicine we strive to provide expert tailored advice to women suffering with the effects of the menopause to provide them with a realistic individualised appraisal of the benefits and risks of HRT for them, and to help choose the most appropriate form of treatment if indicated.

We are also able to offer advice on alternative or “natural” HRT as well as other health issues associated with the menopause.

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