Donor insemination is the treatment of infertility using donated sperm. It is the only treatment option available to women where there is a complete absence of sperm for treatment. Donor insemination DI is commonly used to treat women with the following conditions:

  • For women where the male partner is infertile with to complete absence of sperm
  • For Women whose male partner carries a genetic abnormality and wish to avoid it being passed to their children
  • Single women
  • Same sex couples

Donor Insemination can be used with both insemination of sperm into the uterus DI/IUI, or with Assisted Conception treatment DI/IVF. The optimum treatment can be discussed at your first appointment.

All DI treatment in the UK is strictly regulated by the Human Fertilsation and Embryology Authority HFEA to ensure a high quality service, as well as a complete record of treatment for patients. Unfortunately since the changes to the regulations required of donors to restrict anonymity in 2005 there have been increasing shortages of donor sperm from UK donations, this combined with a dramatic increase in the number of single women and same sex couples has led to long delays in treatment with sperm sourced from the UK..

For this reason many women choose to import sperm from overseas sperm banks (European & American). Importing of sperm is approved by the HFEA and Cheshire Reproductive Medicine together with its partners have a long history of helping patients to safely and efficiently import sperm from overseas for storage and treatment in the UK .



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