Trying for a much wanted baby can be extremely stressful, and having to depend on medical assistance in order to achieve this can be both distressing and demoralising. Counselling provides an opportunity to talk through feelings, anxieties and the emotions you may be experiencing. You may find it helpful to talk to an individual who is independent of the medical team and your situation. Someone who understands the dilemmas can listen and not judge, whilst at the same time provide the opportunities for an individual or couple to find ways of dealing with success, failure and / or implications of the treatment itself.

There is a confidential counselling service available for any individuals or couples under the care of the Cheshire Reproductive Medicine, and if you wish to access the service please contact Cheshire Reproductive Medicine. The number of sessions you require will be decided by you and the counsellor Joanna Gwinn, and the service is available whether you are undergoing investigation, undergoing treatment or once treatment has completed.

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