Feel happier with the way you look. Book a consultation with Mr Ibraheim. He is an expert urogynaecologist and highly experienced in cosmetic vaginal and vulval surgery. At Cheshire Reproductive Medicine we offer the following gynaecological cosmetic procedures:

Labiaplasty (Labial Reshaping)

A labiaplasty is often known as labia reduction surgery. It is a surgical procedure that reshapes and reduces the labia Minora/Majora, the inner and outer of the ‘lips’ that surround the opening of the vagina.

Some women feel that their labia are too large, causing discomfort during activities such as cycling or walking or during sexual intercourse. This can also occasionally lead to a lack of confidence or low self-esteem

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your genitalia, or if it is causing you embarrassment or discomfort, book in for a consultation with Mr Ibraheim to see how this surgery could help you regain your body confidence.

Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Reshaping & Tightening

After child birth, the vaginal muscles can be left loose and weak leading to reduced or lacking sexual sensation and satisfaction during intercourse. The vaginal tightening and refashioning procedure improves the way your vagina looks, feels and functions; and can have dramatic results in terms of restoring your confidence and self-esteem.

Vaginoplasty can also be performed alongside a number of other procedures, such as a labiaplasty.

Perineal Refashioning

The area of tissue between the vagina and the rectum also known as perineum can sometime be scarred and damaged mostly due to childbirth. The perineum can be left with poor shape after an episiotomy or tear during childbirth, which can affect confidence and libido. Even when healed the scars lead to disfiguration and loss of feeling in those regions making sex, physical appearance and self-esteem worse than what it once was.

Perineal refashioning is a procedure to improve the appearance and the muscle tone of the perineum area which has been damaged by an episiotomy or tear during childbirth. This procedure is usually carried along with vaginoplasty or labiaplasty.

Vaginal Reconstruction / Complex Pelvic Floor Repair Surgery

The pelvic floor is the group of muscles supporting the bladder, bowel, vagina and the womb.

The pelvic floor is stretched during childbirth and does not always recover, even with exercises. This can occur after the birth of just one child, although women who have multiple childbirths will place the muscles under stress and stretch the area repeatedly.

Loss of tone/strength can be devastating, causing lack of sexual satisfaction, incontinence and even prolapse.

Surgery can help restore the strength in the pelvic floor as well as its cosmetic shape and appearance and the internal structure of the vagina

This procedure is genuinely liberating for those patients affected.

Clitorial Hood

The clitoris in women is an integral part of their sexual life. Naturally it is covered in a fold of skin known as the clitoris hood. Due to childbirth, age or genetic reasons the hood may become excessive in size resulting in a bad self-image, poor sexual reception and disproportionate shape. That can be corrected by a minor surgical procedure in which the skin is trimmed and the aesthetic shape of the vulva is improved.



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