Cheshire Reproductive Medicine

Self-Funding Patients


Our appointment fees are located on our fee schedule page. Whilst attending an appointment with one of our Consultants you may undergo an ultrasound scan or blood test on the day if necessary. Please be advised that hospital fees will also be charged if this is the case. Cheshire Reproductive Medicine will only invoice for Consultant fees incurred. You will also receive an invoice from the hospital you attended for your appointment if hospital equipment has been used.

For further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our Accounts Team.

We will be able to provide you with an estimation of costing prior to your appointment if requested.

If you are advised you require a procedure or operation our Accounts Team will be able to obtain a one package price quotation for you which will include all consultant fees, hospital fees, anaesthetist fees and your first follow up following your procedure. This will need to be settled in full prior to the procedure taking place.



Our appointment fees are located on our fee schedule page.

As we mainly see our fertility patients at the Chester Wellness Centre for set up and monitoring of treatment cycles, no hospital fees should be incurred. If you cannot attend the Chester Wellness Centre for an appointment and require your appointment elsewhere, you may incur a hospital fee. Our Administration Team will make you aware of this prior to booking.

All procedures must be paid for in full prior to them taking place. We unfortunately do not offer monthly payment plans.

A clear estimation of costing can be provided to you before embarking on a treatment cycle with Cheshire Reproductive Medicine to ensure there are no unexpected costing’s presented to you during a treatment cycle. Due to the tailored treatment we provide, there is unfortunately no ‘one price for all’.

Once you have decided to have a cycle of treatment via Cheshire Reproductive Medicine and have met with our Nursing Team to schedule your treatment, you will be issued with your treatment invoice. All treatment invoices must be settled in full prior to treatment commencing.