Cheshire Reproductive Medicine

Insured Patients

Cheshire Reproductive Medicine are a registered consultant provider for a wide range of insurance companies.

Making an Appointment

In order to see one of our Consultants via your health insurance, please contact your insurance provider before booking an appointment. You will need to inform your insurance provider the name of the Consultant you wish to see. Once authorisation has been given by your insurance provider please call our Administration Team who will arrange a mutually convenient appointment at your preferred clinic.

If you have any difficulties arranging authorisation for an appointment with one of our Consultants, please contact us and we will help in any way we can. Most insurance companies require a GP referral letter before authorising an appointment.

Booking a Procedure

Once you have been seen by one of our Consultants and have been advised you require a procedure/operation, your insurance company will need to be informed of this prior to a booking being made.

Insurance companies will require a ‘procedure code’ to be able to authorise the treatment. Your Consultant should be able to give you this at your appointment, however if not, simply call our Accounts Team who will be able to advise you of the appropriate code.

Some insurance companies will require information before authorising your procedure, whether it be in the form of our letter to your GP following your visit or a letter to the insurance company from your Consultant explaining the reasons why you require a procedure. Our Administration Team will be able to arrange any correspondence that needs sending to your insurance company in a timely manner to ensure no unnecessary delay in arranging your procedure.

Payment of An Excess

Once you have had an appointment with one of our Consultants we will forward our consultant invoice straight to your insurance company. If you have an excess payment on your health insurance your insurance company will write to us informing us of this. We will then send you a ‘shortfall letter’ letting you know how much your insurance company has paid towards the invoice and how much is left outstanding for you to pay.