Of all the couples who seek help to have a family in at least 50% of couples male fertility issues are either the cause of the delay in fertility or play a significant part.

For many couples this delay in conception is purely that, and will go on to conceive naturally or with minimal help, but for a significant proportion of couples where male fertility plays a contributory factor the main route for treatment will be assisted Conception in the form of IVF/ICSI. However there are a number of investigations and treatments, as well as simple lifestyle advice that can help reduce the time taken to achieve a conception. At Cheshire Reproductive Medicine we can provide expert male (Andrological ) Assessment to help couples decide on the best way to achieve pregnancy.

For most men who have a diagnosis of a problem with their sperm count this can be a very distressing time and we are aware of this and strive to provide sympathetic as well as expert treatment in conjunction with the availability of a counsellor.

Andrology assessment is provided and recommended for a number of reasons, to try to ascertain the cause of poor sperm function, to try to offer simple treatments to improve and optimise sperm function, to exclude serious underlying medical conditions that may affect sperm function as well as advising on the optimum treatment and any tests available to reduce any risks associated with treatment.

For some couples these days, the cause of infertility is as a result of previous vasectomy in the male partner, this can be very distressing for couples who cannot access NHS funded fertility treatment and who are confused as to the optimal way to treat this problem. Cheshire Reproductive Medicine offers a fully integrated service to assess both the male and female partners to advise couples on the most appropriate treatment be it reversal of vasectomy, retrieving sperm surgically for assisted Conception or donor treatment.